Meet the Bella Crafts Magazine Creative Team

Welcome to Bella Crafts Magazine! If you’re interested in getting to know the fabulous faces behind our creative efforts, let’s introduce you to our team! These are the amazing people who are working diligently to bring you the latest trends in crafting and DIY projects as well as all the tips you need for keeping your home in tiptop shape, both inside and out. We love working together with this team and know that you’ll enjoy all the insider tips and tricks they have to share.

Joseph Sidney

Crafting Creative Director

Joseph Sidney is our resident crafting creative director, in charge of scouring the internet for all the latest trends in crafts and DIY projects. Joseph is a retired teacher and lifelong crafter who loves nothing more than knitting special projects for friends and family when he’s not researching today’s crafting styles. Joseph has also worked hard over the years to develop relationships within the crafting supply industry, so he knows the buying trends that consumers love today! Whatever your questions about crafts including scrapbooking, knitting, art projects, and so much more, Joseph has all the answers for you.

Cynthia Branson

Home Improvement Editor

Cynthia Branson, our home improvement editor, had years of experience working as a general contractor before buying her own home and using her contracting skills to improve every inch of it, both inside and out. Cynthia is an expert with tools and with all the skills needed to keep a home in tiptop shape, and is also not shy about saying when a project is best left to the pros! Be sure to check out Cynthia’s columns for all the tips you need for ensuring your home is in good repair and ready for each changing season.

Lila Hadaway

Decorating and Design Editor

Keeping up with today’s trends in decorating and design will ensure that your home is inviting and comfortable, and our decorating and design editor, Lila Hadaway, has all the information you need for keeping up with those trends! Whether it’s changing out colors for each passing season or ensuring your décor matches your home’s architectural style, Lila has all the answers you need to make your house a beautiful and inviting home that your entire family will love.

Sam Tyler

Small Business Coordinator

At Bella Crafts Magazine, we love to feature small businesses who are as dedicated to helping homeowners care for their homes properly as we are! Sam Tyler, our small business coordinator, works hard to find businesses we choose to spotlight in our magazine and to vet their work and reputation. Sam ensures that all the businesses we feature have a long history of reliable services to their customers and that they share our values of quality workmanship, attention to detail, and affordable pricing for everything they offer.