Fall Means It’s Time for Carpet Cleaning in CT

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Fall has officially arrived, which means it’s time for residential and commercial carpet cleaning in CT. While the state of Connecticut offers lots of amazing outdoor activities for residents, all that time spent outdoors means bringing dirt, dust, mud, and other bothersome debris into your home or office once the day is over. Summertime also means elevated levels of pollen and similar irritants that tend to settle onto carpeting and get ground in over time.

Some homeowners might try to avoid carpet cleaning in CT costs by renting a shampooer and managing this job on their own. While we here at Bella Crafts Magazine often support DIY projects taken on by homeowners and business owners, there are many reasons why this job is best left to the pros! There are also many benefits to taking your time to choose the right CT carpet cleaning contractors, versus choosing a company based on price alone.

carpet cleaning services in CT

To ensure you make the best decisions when it comes to your home’s overall maintenance and care and for the appearance and upkeep of your office or other business, consider some reasons why carpet cleaning in CT is not a DIY job to tackle on your own. Then check out Southington Carpet Cleaners by Ameri-Best, our choice for this fall’s Business of the Season!

Why Carpet Cleaning in CT is Not a DIY Job!

Why avoid DIY carpet cleaning in CT and leave this work to professionals? There are a number of reasons why renting a shampooer from a home improvement store is not the best way of tackling those dirty carpets in your home! Check out these reasons why carpet cleaning in CT is not a DIY job:

  • ·         Rented shampooers and steamers are often undersized and ineffective at removing ground-in dirt, dust, mud, and other debris.
  • ·         Using the wrong machine or detergent on carpet fibers results in damage, especially to delicate silk blends or old, worn carpeting.
  • ·         Improper or inefficient extraction leaves behind moisture that allows for mold and mildew growth underneath carpet padding.
  • ·         Harsh detergents often create unpleasant odors that linger for days after carpet cleaning. While steam cleaning uses little to no bothersome detergent, it can be dangerous and cause injury if managed incorrectly.
  • ·         Professional carpet cleaning contractors in CT typically inspect carpets for stains and spots before they start shampooing. Pretreatment of those areas ensures a thorough clean that leaves behind nothing but a clean and pristine carpeting!
  • ·         Professional carpet cleaning contractors often apply odor neutralizers, to remove bothersome pet and food smells from your carpeting.

Why You Need Regular Carpeting Cleaning in CT